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Is anyone using an EVO-ALL with the RFK912 kit succesfully ?

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I have two cars with the EVO-ALL and the RFK912 and they both stop responding to the remotes about a day after they're been configured. Reconfiguring gets it work again, but then they stop again. My other car with a RF942 works great wih the EVO-ONE. Do I need an EVO ONE for these ??
asked Jan 6 in FAQ by Ed Andre (380 points)

1 Answer

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No, should be working fine with the EVO-ALL. (that's what i have anyway). What's the service number of the evo?
answered Jan 6 by Robb (232,460 points)
So I checked the ANT900 firmware: it was at 1[.04] Beta.  I re-flashed it to 1[.03] Beta and then back to 1[.04] to see if that helped.  Re-paired both remotes, everything worked for around 36 hours then same thing happened:  Remotes get acknowledgment signal back as if command worked, but car does not start, lock, or unlock.  OEM keyfob lock lock lock still starts the car...  Rolled back the firmware on ANT900 to 1[.03] Beta, repaired both remotes, then same result... everything worked for ~36 hours, remotes get good confirmation signal, but car does not respond.  OEM keyfob still starts the car...

ANT900 Hardware V. 1.0    Firmware 1[.03] Beta currently, will move it back to 1[.04] Beta

EVO-ALL. Date: 10/2019.  SN: 001A07077034

Seems like:

the EVO-ALL is 'forgetting' or rolling code is getting out of sync with ANT900

or ANT900 is has a rolling code bug...

Now in the current state- (ANT900 not talking to EVO-ALL, but EVO-ALL working with OEM remote)

ANT900 blue light flashes every 5 seconds or so...

When I use RF912 remote to start or lock doors, the remotes beep happily and show the green light. ANT900 blinks a green light, but EVO-ALL does not flash any LEDs and of course the car does not start or lock or flash turn signal lights.
Problem is between evo and antenna, not antenna and remote.

Roll back the firmware on the evo-all, 72.40 . Reset and reprogramme everything.
Issue fixed at firmware 1.05. Plug ANT900 antenna into flash-link and update to 1.05.
Thanks Rob-  Both solutions worked.  I first rolled back the EVO-ALL to 72.40 with ANT900 at 1.04.  That worked well for more than a week which is when I saw your next message.  Then.I reflashed the EVO-ALL to 72.43 and the ANT900 to 1.05.  It has been working as it should for more than a week.  Thanks.  TIP:  When I plugged in my ANT900 with 1.04 firmware the app on the PC thought the ANT900 was already at 1.05 - just a bug.  I flashed it to 1.05 and one part of the app thought it was at 1.05 and another message said it was at 1.04 which was confusing.  Like I said, it has been working more than a week, so thanks for getting that fixed!

So my final steps were (2015 Infiniti Q50):

Flashed EVO-ALL to 72.43

Flashed the ANT900 to 1.05 and reinstalled it

Reset EVO-ALL using the red LED method.

Reprogrammed EVO-ALL to the car using the blue LED method.

Ran the dcryptor routine on the EVO-ALL using the Fortin app.

Re-paired the both of the  Fortin RFK912 fobs to the ANT900 using the red / blue LED method on the EVO-ALL

Remote start, lock, unlock, and remote start disable work on the RFK912.  3x lock on the OEM fob remote starts the car.
Thanks for the update!

The ANT900 remote all share the same service number for the flash link to recognize and allow flashing. What it shows in the middle of the screen is what was "last flashed" for a ANT900 antenna, somewhere... The firmware seen on the bottom of the screen is what is actually loaded in it.