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2016 Infiniti QX70 EVO-NIST1 Stand-Alone Add-On Remote Start -Brake Problem

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2016 Infinit QX70 EVO-NIST1 Stand-Alone Add-On Remote Start is the Vehicle and Product that is being installed (with harness - not hard wired) 

I have confirmed the EVO ALL is configured and programed for the vehicle - no RF controller, stand alone, factory remote (push lock, unlock, lock to start).

I installed the fortin harness and hooked up the PST wire, the park light interface wire, and the vallet switch.  I am using the install instructions; Guide #90131

I have successfully programed the unit to the vehicle; yet the problem is the engine will not start.

When I attempt a remote start cycle, the parking lights activate, the radio headunit turns on, the PST engages to ACC, and then the gauge cluster appears on the dash (digital), and then the PST engages to Start (ignition).

But then the vehicle does not start. 

If I attempt a remote start in the car while pressing the brake pedal; the system activates.

The brake lights currently function - yet during the remote start cycle, the Fortun system is NOT activating the brake lights during the start up cycle.  This appears to be the failure point.

I have checked the connections from the Fortin Product to the brake light switch.  I have tried to reset the connection and it is secure.  There is no way of reserving the connections. 

And per the self help instructions I have not hooked up any other unnessacry Fortin connections.

I am using the RL2 connector to the EVO ALL unit.

I have also confirmed the the vallet switch installed (dark blue) is  not grounded or closed during the remote start cycle.

I have read a post where a 2016 Juke had a similar problem where the wires coming from the  Fortin  Harness were reversed to the factory brake light switch.

Can someone confirm my theory that the problem is the EVO ALL unit is not sending the brake signal during the remote start cycle to the corresponding brake light factory harness?  Is it the case where the Fortin plug which connects to the factory brake light  swith is missed wired?

I have spent a total of 6 hours of my last two weekends confirming connections, voltage, updating the software versions, and programing the unit but I am stuck at this failure point.

Any kind words or assistance would be helpful.


asked Jan 6, 2020 in Infiniti by Aaron Cebell (130 points)

1 Answer

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Use RL1 if RL2 is not activating the brakes.

Problem is some of the cars in that guide use RL2 while others use RL1.  


And for any other readers. :: 

answered Jan 6, 2020 by Robert T (284,540 points)
You my sir are a Super Genious! After dinner I went out and swapped out the harness to RL1 and the remote start functioned correctly.  It activated the brake as needed to complete the cycle.  I much appreicate your reply!  This saved me the time of figuring out how the factory wiring would transpose to the RL harnesses and the pin out connections to both.  Thanks!
Glad it's up and running!
Robb, Thanks a million!!  I spent several hours trying to understand why my evo-all wasn't working on my 2017 QX70.  Come to find out, it came connected as RL2, but when I tried the RL1 harness, it started right up.

Thanks Again!