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Some wiring pictures for 2017 Elantra Evo-Key installation do not match my vehicle

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Right now I am stuck  with the istallation of EVO-KEY on my 2017 Hyundai Elantra, the reason is that some pictures I downloaded from the Wire Color website after I registered my key, do not match the plugs in the vehicle, example; the stated brown-orange wire for EMS-COM is not there, and yes I have a key with a chip and transponder, also the plug on my car looks diferent than the one on the picture. The number on my dash fuse/connectors panel is 91950-F2020.  Help on this mater would be very much appreciated. THANKS
closed with the note: I did find the answer from another  website, looks like I was looking at the wrong plug (connector).
asked Jan 5 in Hyundai by Fernando Carvalho (130 points)
closed Jan 7 by Fernando Carvalho

1 Answer

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Is your vehicle from Canada or the US? Because US vehicles don't have a chip unless it's a PTS.
answered Jan 5 by Mike M (9,760 points)
According to the VIN number (starts with 5) is from US and yes the key has a chip, that's why I am instaling this device, otherwise the car doesn't start with the remote starter unless the key is close to the ignition. Thanks for answering.


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