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Pin 14 in 20 pin connector empty slot to ground? There is a pin in that slot currently

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I was going to install the Evo all fort 3 standalone 1 key to a 2016 ford explorer with fortin remotes for unlock and lock. on the instructions it says to ground empty pin 14 slot of 20 pin connector. i checked this slot and it currently has a wire in it. the explorer does not have an OEM hood pin. please help. should i tap into the wire and ground or cut and ground the wire connected in pin 14? or do i even need this step? thank you for your help.
asked Dec 31, 2019 in Ford by Walter Gonzalez (190 points)

1 Answer

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tap into the wire and ground it. But make sure it's the correct pin first. Also, check the car does not have a hood pin already. If it does, you dont need to do that jumper. 

Secondly, if it's already prewired for a hood pin, the connector will be there under the hood but simply not connected to anything. You can technically just jump both wires together there. 

answered Dec 31, 2019 by Robb (238,020 points)
Thank you Robb,

the explorer was prewired. I did the jumper wire at the connector under the hood. I installed everything per the guide and the car will not remote start. I added the ref kit f642 2way to it. I can lock, unlock. I ran the hood pin switch for the Evo all as well. When remote starting doors locked, it goes red, yellow, than blue with no crank and 1 honk. It tries for the second time with honk and then the Evo all LED flashes 3 times. I have 4.01 loaded into it. When flashed from the beginning i loaded the 2016 Ford Explorer with alarm. Could that be the cause? With alarm? I turned on all applicable sections per the standalone evofort3 guide. Please help. I ordered the Ford hood switch to replace the jumper cable that will come in about a week. When i open the hood it does not show that the hood is open though Or with the connector jumped. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

When remote starting doors locked, it goes red, yellow, than blue with no crank and 1 honk

The honk is the car saying "hey the hood is open"


Dont look to deep in this install. We only enable the factory remote starter in the BCM. If the car sees hood open, door open or if any dummy lights are on in the dash (low on gas, check engine etc...), the car will not remote start.