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2014 Nissan Rogue EVO-ALL Parasitic Drain

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I installed and programmed an EVO-NIST3 on a 2014 Nissan Rogue SL.

The remote start functionality works on the car, and it doesn't bring up any errors, but after installing the system, the car battery keeps going dead within hours.

A parasitic draw test reveled the EVO to be the culprit, adding 600-750mA of load on the battery even after the car has been sitting for 15-20 minutes, locked with all doors closed.

The problem seemed to be fixed after unplugging each harness connector from the BCM and replugging them, as the current was reduced to under 50mA total, and the battery survived nearly 8 hours without losing charge, but the next morning the battery was dead, and after charging, the battery had a parasitic load of nearly 800mA (again confirmed to be mostly from the EVO)

closed with the note: Problem no longer exists
asked Dec 31, 2019 in Nissan by Adam Exley (130 points)
closed Dec 31, 2019 by Adam Exley

1 Answer

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EVO in sleep draws 7-10 mA.


What LEDs are on when the unit is plugged?
answered Dec 31, 2019 by Robb (230,880 points)
The unit does not have any LED's on while plugged in.
Good, there shouldnt be.

Disconnect connector by connector, leaving the black 4 pin for last. This is to see from which harness the problem comes from, which would help isolate where the problem is coming from.


Although, you mentionned the car died anyway without the evo even in there? Could be a problem completely somewhere else.
The 20 pin connector on the EVO seems to be drawing the current. With only the 4-pin connected the overall load is only 19mA.


No, I meant I was able to get the overall load to under 50mA with the EVO in for over 8 hours, but the next morning the load had increased again and the battery died.


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