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2019 Civic PTS Security Bypass Not Working and Incorrect clutch bypass

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Issue 1: The remote starting fails to successfully start the vehicle. 

During cranking the dash security indicator continously flashes, this indicator is normally only flashing when the vehicle has been locked.  The dash security indicator begins to flash after the vehicle is shut down by the remote starter (from Ready Mode) and continues to flash until the vehicle is unlocked with the remote.

Parking light flashes four times after each failed cranking attempt.

Ready mode is operating as indicated, pressing brake while engaging the parking brake, then lifting off.  One parking light flash is indicated, the Red and Ylw leds on the EVO are on, and the motor continues to run until the driver door is open then closed.  Once the vehicle is shut down the dash security indicator begins flashing.

Blue Led flashes with each Lock Key signal from the OEM fob.  After three lock signals the Red and Ylw LEDs on the evo turn on and the start sequence begins.  The dash indicators come on and the dash security indicator led remains flashing. The starter is being actuated and the engine is cranking but the car does not successfully start.

Issue 2: Opening Red Wire on 4P clutch conenctor causing VSA and parking brake errors

In addition to the HON7 t-harness, Cut3, tap on Ylw line of Clutch Position sensor, and open of Red line on Clutch Stroke sensor (type R only) has been performed.

Without the opening of the Red line on the Clutch Stroke sensor the car will not activate the starter motor during remote starting unless I manually press the clutch pedal.  Once the Red line is opened as instructed, the remote start does actuate the starter motor, but now during normal operation there are now CONSTANT VSA and PARKING BRAKE ERRORS indicators on the dash. The vehicle does run and drive but with errors.

I posted this link in my earlier question, but it appears that opening the Red line causes the VSA system to malfunction and putting a relay on the Ylw line of the Clutch Stroke sensor maybe an alternate method? I am not sure how to do this with the EVO configuration.


Please advise on updates or alternate configuration. My setup specifics are listed below:

Vehicle: 2019 Civic Type R PTS Manual

Bypass HW: 4 FW :3.32

Remote Starter HW:7 FW 1.24

T-harness: HON7

All reccomended options were loaded for both Bypass and Remote Start, only the Ready Mode Option was modified from 33.1 to 33.2.

The decryptor programming was performed twice with nominal LED and Flah Link Updater feedback

asked Dec 30, 2019 in Honda by Bryan Phan (240 points)

1 Answer

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Type R requires that a Red wire be open at the same time the other clutch trigger gets triggered. There's a note for that on wirecolor. No reports of having to do anything different.


The orientation of the wires on Cut3 are extremely important for proper operation of the vehicle for take over. If wires are reversed, ignition will not get properly powered.
answered Dec 31, 2019 by Robert T (284,490 points)
HI Robb,


Thank you for responding.


I have double checked the orientation of CUT3 and continuity checked that the Blue  wire on connector side is connected to the Wht/Red  and the Wht/Grn is connected to the harness side.


Currently the Red wire on the clutch sensor is completely disconnected.

I am able to nortmally start the vehicle but the remote start only cranks but as you are suspecting, there could be no ignition enable.


Would it be safe to swap the orientation of CUT at the EVO terminal connector?

Also could you provide some guidance on how to temperarily open the Red line with the Clutch trigger?