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FTC 64-2 with EVO-One in a Mistubishi Outlander - Won't perform

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I have a FTC64-2 Module with an EVO One.

The systems seems to operate correctly with the OEM remote (3x)


It is unclear if I should use the T-Harness or plug the antenna directly into the blue port on the EVO One.

If I go directly into the blue port I can't seemed to get it programmed, when I get in program mode, the antenna never goes to a rapid blink.  

If I go into the black data port, it seems to program per the instructions, but when I hit the unlock button, it won't unlock the doors, but the blue light on the Evo One will blink once.  The remote seems to give confirmation with a green light, but the doors don't unlock, lock or get a remote start.
asked Dec 28, 2019 in Mitsubishi by Dayton Ten Haken (130 points)

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