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2019 Civic Type R Red Wire Clutch Switch Location

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The EVO wiring instructions specify that the 2019 Civic Type R (Push-to start)  has an addtional red wire on a four pin Clutch Switch; this wire need to be cut.

I could not locate this Clutch Switch connector with a red wire in a 2019 Civic Type R (USDM) and could not find any pictures or other references to this connector location in the instructions. The only connector near the clutch assembly is the a four postion 2 wire connector that matches the docutmentation, this connector has only the yellow and black lines.

Where can I find this additional red clutch wire?


asked Dec 28, 2019 in Honda by Bryan Phan (240 points)
edited Dec 28, 2019 by Bryan Phan

1 Answer

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I found the location of the sensor.  It is located on the top of the clutch assy, above the mechanical pivot.  This sensor appears to the be the clutch pedal stroke sensor. There are four wires on this connector, Red, Yellow, White and Green.  I can provide pictures if requested.

From another forum: the YLW line from the clutch pedal stroke sensor is the voltage postion feedback and must be opened in addition to the clutch position sensor during cranking.   The YLW line on the clutch stroke sensor needs to opened during start with a relay. Reference link to source:


The Fortin documentation identifies the clutch postion sensor tap (also yellow) but seems to indicate that the red line should be opened on the clutch stroke sensor.  Does potentially disable the sensor?



answered Dec 29, 2019 by Bryan Phan (240 points)
I did a 2019 R today and I get a brake system error when the red seperates, everything runs but do I need to seperate yellow also on top 4 pin plug?


I am still attempting to get this setup working so I am not sure.

I can tell you that the Red line and Yellow line are differential signals.  The Red line voltage goes from 0.5V to 3.5V when fully pressed.  The Ylw line does the opposite, it goes from 3.5V to 0.5V when fully pressed. I think opening any of these lines causes the VSA system to assume the sensor is faulty and ignore it to allow startup. The Wht line is the power.

I am able to get the car to crank but have not successfuully gotten the motor run.  Were there any particular steps you did aside from the Red wire, Cluth tap, and Cut 3?  I have tried reversing CUT3 and the newest and reccomended firmwares with no joy.