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1999 mercury grand marquis key-overide-all not programing

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I am installing a crimestopper RS-5G and woking up a "key-overide-all" module and can't get it to program at all.

I help the program button while installing the 6 pin connector then the 4 pin the LED glows, I released the program button and turned the ignition key to on waited until security light went out turned off key and removed it waited 3 secounds and reinstalled key and turned until on and waited until security light went out, turned key back off and removed waited 3 secounds and pressed remote start, the LED on the key-override-all never changed (glowing all the time).  the car tried to start but failed due to security (will start if I leve the key in and remote start)

Can you first verify the wire colors for the hook up?  instructions say should be 1H ( connector is more like C)

Help please!
asked Dec 27, 2019 in Mercury by Keith Root (130 points)

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