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2013 Nissan Versa Standard Key No Transponder Evo-One

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I believe my issue might be similar to this question: https://fortin.ca/en/qa/93425/2016-versa-note-std-key-no-transponder-unable-to-program-evo-one?show=93425#q93425

This Versa does not have a transponder so I am getting stuck on the same step. The other question mentions a method of programming using the blue led. I am unable to find these steps. Are there steps listed somewhere to progam a nissan that does not have a transponder?

asked Dec 25, 2019 in Nissan by Thomas Fifer (140 points)

1 Answer

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I am having the same issue. Hopefully somebody has some insight on this issue.
answered Dec 28, 2019 by Justen Pahls (160 points)
i called support today. here are the steps they told me that worked.

hold down button
plug in 6-pin main harness
release button on blue
connect other harnesses
push button
led should go dark
turn on ignition
push button
led should now be flashing blue rapidly
push button to complete programming
led will be slowly flashing blue since ignition is on
turn off ignition and led should go dark