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Evo-All VS Evo-One (2019 Mitsubishi Mirage Key Start)

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Hi, I have a client who has a 2019 Mitsi Mirage, who is looking for a oem integration remote start. After looking at the products avail (Evo-ONE and Evo-All), the Evo-One is the product that has the remote start using oem keyfob.


HOWEVER, I know in past installs I have used the Evo-All module as stand alone, which accomplished this remote start need as a much less cost solution and seemed it performed it via can-bus commands and not dedicated starter/ign/acc wires.


As an electronics engineer, I am just curious if the reason the Evo-All will not work as a stand-alone on a 2019 Mirage is because the key start model does not have can-bus start commands? (aka the ignition key barrel and the starter, ign, acc wires function like a traditional old school car?). I know on most modern vehicles the key no longer sends +12v to a start relay/solenoid, but instead is just a signal to the body/chassis computer to initiate a start routine. The Mirage is a budget car so I was just curious on this. Thanks!
asked Dec 25, 2019 in Mitsubishi by Sally Ackner (130 points)

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