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What settings for 2003 GMC Sierra Diesel - EVO ONE

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Have the EVO-ONE and FLASH-LINK 4.

Couple of things:

1. Want to set up for remote start with factory key (lock 3x). Do I have to add a RF-KIT to this? If not, do I have to choose one in setup? In Wizard mode, seems to force you to pick a RF-KIT.

2.  Truck is a diesel. Found the Pro Mode in settings. Is there anything special regarding Tach or any other settings for diesels that I need to change?

3. The install guide recommends version 70.26. It default wants to install 70.18. When I go to look at other available firmwares, it does not offer 70.26 as an option. (70.28 is the closest). Any reason to not install the latest firmware (70.39 is the highest at the time I write this).


asked Dec 20, 2019 in GMC by Bryan Heestand (150 points)

1 Answer

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3xlock start not supported through CAN on this car. https://fortin.ca/en/vehicles/gmc/sierra_1500/2003-standard-key/

Need an RF-KIT.  There is a way to get 3xlock but may not be worth the hassle especially since the oem remote has about 30ft range.


2. Take a look at option 18 in the remote starter settings. You can enable 10 or 20 sec wait time between igniiton and crank. For the tach setting, leave it at 20.6.


3. Use 70.18. Older GM with the J1850 will not program properly on the latest firmware. 

answered Dec 23, 2019 by Robert T (280,310 points)


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