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2001 Chevy Silverado 3500

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On the website it says remote start is only supported for years 2003 and older. Would remote start work on the 2001 using the EVO ONE and the 2003 guide and just hooking up the wires as found on here? 


I also researched about the OBD wire and it appears to be the same.

asked Dec 16, 2019 in Chevrolet by Juan Becerra (360 points)

1 Answer

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Not tested. EVO-ONE came out 14 years after that car :D
answered Dec 23, 2019 by Robb (232,460 points)
Okay so I tried installing the EVO ONE with an rf kit. I followed the guide for the 2003 Silverado 2500 and used firmware 70.18, the module did program successfully  but I’m having a couple of issues.

1) Unlock/Lock is not working. The Evo One does recieve the signal from rf Kit but nothing happens.

2) The engine kept cranking after remote start. Right now it is set at tachless at the lowest setting and it still over cranks about a second.

Its like if the CAN wire is not working.

The only thing CAN "would" do on this truck is passlock bypass. 

Lock and unlock would need to be wired. 


for the main harness connections. Most importantly, there are two ignition wires and i would suggest powering both accessory wires. 


Vehicle wire colors are (with option 2.1 enabled): 

  • Ign1 - Pink (to pink on evo)
  • Ign2 - White (to white on evo)
  • Acc1 - Orange (to orange on evo)
  • Acc2 - Brown (will need to setup your own external relay if 2nd accessory is needed)
  • starter - Yellow (to yellow on evo)