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Solid red light does not turn to blue for step 7

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have triple checked the wriing and I have 12V supply. Can High and low both 2.5V. Still when programming the module it doesnt get past step 7 with a solid red light not going to blue. Have pulled the key in and out numerous times while waiting for the lights on the dash to go out and still stuck. Anyone have any a answers that could help out?
asked Dec 16, 2019 in Ram by Karl Brunner (130 points)

1 Answer

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What is the year, make and model of the vehicle?


What is the service nubmer or S/N to the module?
answered Dec 16, 2019 by Derek (190,250 points)
2019 Ram 1500 classic


I was trying different firmwares for flashing the module and it told me last night I cannot update it anymore.
I have reset the unit for you.


If the light does not change you need to verify the yellow ignition wire as well as the lt.blue and lt.blue/black wires from the 20 pin connector. There is an issue with those wires.


Firmware 74.39 is fine to use on this vehicle.