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Key reading does not start

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I bought an EVO-FORT3 kit (for the ford fusion 2015 standart key). The key is not programmed on the wiring from the kit. What am I doing wrong? 
After installing VEHICLE PLUG CONNECTEUR I have two connectors black (4pin) and white (5pin). After connecting the black connector (4pin) and the button pressed, the lights begin to blink. Red, yellow, blue & red, blue. I release the button. Then I connect the white connector (5pin). I turn on the ignition and nothing happens. The blue lamp lights constantly. Is the connector white (20pin) and the connector red (6pin) necessarily connected? Maybe my connection diagram is not correct?
Help me please
asked Dec 9, 2019 in Ford by Ihor Kashynskyi (150 points)

1 Answer

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what is the 12 digit service number of the module?
answered Dec 9, 2019 by Robb (238,020 points)
Your module is not flashed.

Firmware 4.01 required for that install.
The module says Firmware: 4.18

What can I do to make the kit work? The kit was bought by my friend in Canada. I'm in Ukraine.

Ughh, be weary that the module is technically illegal in ukraine since it is not stamped with the EAC logo (or EAU, i forgot the proper term).  "legal" modules can be bought through distributors in europe. https://fortin.ca/en/distributors/


You need the Flash Link udpater in order to flash modules. 


Also, that solution is not tested on vehicles not in North America.

I also bought a Ford Fusion in North America. What is the problem? The vehicles is not a European version. If I buy Flash Link udpater and update the firmware (that is, do I need to lower it?) Will everything work?

You need firmware 4.01 for that installation. It's a specific firmware for that install.
Thank you very much for the information, I already ordered Flash Link updater. One more question. This is some kind of special firmware and I will need special access or it will be available in the application FLASH LINK MANAGER 4
Dont need special access. All vehicles and all installations have there own firmware.

The flash link account is the same account you are currently using for this Q&A.
Thank you a lot