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2011 Sienna starting issue with evo-one

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I am using Toy9 harness with Evo one for 2011 Toyota Sienna key start. As i understand this vehicle cannot be started with 3 time lock so i added Evo start 2. Installation went well but when starting through Evo Start 2 app, can keep cranking but not starting. It is starting normal with key. With regular key start, evo one is showing yellow light. Not sure what i missed as i am flashing first time.

SN on back of evo one is 002B04044517

Appreciate for your help.
asked Dec 8, 2019 in Toyota by akm (710 points)
edited Dec 8, 2019 by akm

1 Answer

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option 2.4 in the remote starter settings needs to be enabled
answered Dec 9, 2019 by Robert T (284,630 points)
Hi Rob,

Once clicking Option 2.4, i am getting blinking red light once ignition is turned on in step 5.
It seems my evo need to be reset, not sure.

By the way, does this need to regular installation or standalone. Not sure what happened.

Thanks for your help.
You did not need to reprogram the module after simply changing an option. Once the unit is programmed to the car, it is programmed. Even if disconnected for 20 years.


If you get a blining red led at step5, check that the connectors of the t-harness are properly clipped in. Also, use the black key, not the grey key.
Working now. One question Rob. Is there an option car will not shut down after door opening.
It shouldnt be shutting down. Technically whats happeneing judging by the options set in the unit, is that the alarm portion of the evo goes off once you get in and shuts down your car.


Since you have the alarm option enabled, option 14.2, you would need to unlock with the evo-start app when you get in your car. If we were able to monitor the oem remote, you wouldnt have to worry about which remote unlocks your car.


Turn on option 14.1 - Remote start only

If you really want alarm, 14.2, you will have to unlock with the evo-start app (or the companion FTXDUO remote if you have one)
This works Rob. You are the best. Really appreciate your timely help to resolve our issues.