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evo-one 05 volvo xc90 keyless works but wont start

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any insight to this:?  installed evo one according to evo all guide for can wires.  then hooked up 12v, ign, acc1, acc2, starter, keysense, ground, brake.  keyless entry works great however the system doesnt pick up that im trying to remote start it.

omega 12sst remotes (tried all of the omega remotes) flashed to 0.44 for omega

the system doesnt flash blue when you send remote start command like it normally does for keyless entry comands.
closed with the note: answered
asked Nov 26, 2019 in Volvo by kevin burke (230 points)
closed Nov 26, 2019 by kevin burke

1 Answer

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flashed a new evo one and it works flawlessly now.  must have had a bad unit
answered Nov 26, 2019 by kevin burke (230 points)
or, it was in valet mode (red led on the back side on solid).


plug power and ground only to it and see if the red led on the back near the yellow wire is on solid.


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