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Forester XT push to start FYI

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RE: Evo one programming 2014 Forester XT push to start

I found out the OEM remote fob  can't be in the car until step 5, when you are ready to start the vehicle.

Push to start relays are energized when fob is in range not allowing Evo One to go into program mode.

Also found out there are two green/black wires in the ECM connecter for the IMMO connection. If you get a

 intake air temp sensor CEL, you got the wrong wire!

OEM fob worked great, 3x start- stop and lock-unlock. Car Link ASCL6 also works great!
asked Nov 20, 2019 in Subaru by Gregory Hamilton (140 points)
edited Nov 20, 2019 by Gregory Hamilton

1 Answer

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Thanks for the info! closing / opening the door may help also.
answered Nov 20, 2019 by Robb (255,780 points)