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2019 outback push start evo one will start then shuts down?

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Evo one 3X start 2019 outback push start, car starts then shuts down. Recomended setting and software updated to latest version. Remote tab says hardware ver.7 bypass tab says hardware ver. 4.I've tried swapping IMO

Whare do I go from here?
asked Nov 14, 2019 in Subaru by Joshua Larson (130 points)

1 Answer

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What is the service number to the module?


Also when it shuts down, does it try to restart a 2nd time?
answered Nov 14, 2019 by Derek (206,230 points)
SN: 002B04013243

It goes through the cycle twice.

After it's done withthe cycles the FOB becomes inoperative.

I have to unlock the door with the key wich then sets off the factory alarm.
Looking at the module is appears to be fine.


I would take a 2nd look at the immobilizer interupt. Something is wrong there.