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Crimestopper and EVO All wont program

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I am attempting to install an EVO Fortin All with a Crime Stopper Cool Start in a 2012 Ford Expedtion.  I have all the wiring done and confirmed it is correct.  When i try to program the EVO it will not make it to the process where the red light goes off and the yellow one turns on when the key is turned to the run posiiton.  All programing up to that point works fine.  Not sure where to go from here?
asked Nov 12, 2019 in Ford by Daniel Cook (130 points)

2 Answers

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I would take a look at your ignition wires as well as the RX and TX wires. This is what makes the lights change during programming.
answered Nov 12, 2019 by Derek (224,170 points)
Thanks, all connections seem to be correct and complete without a short in them.
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Are you doing the 1 key programming with dcryptor? If yellow stays on, Rx-Tx are reversed or issue with connections of rx-tx.
answered Nov 12, 2019 by Robb (260,460 points)
I have two keys but the instructions I have are for the one key with decryptor. I can get all the way to the point of turning the ignition on, when I do that it never goes to yellow red just stays lit up. I have checked the connections and they are working and not shorted. Issue is mypushcart customer service is really hard to get a hold of. Looking for help from others who are smarter than me.
Are you using t-taps or any style plastic connections?  If so, remove those and do proper splice connections on Rx, Tx, and Ignition.


If red stays on, and yellow does not turn on, could easily be that the module is not detecting ignition. This is the YELLOW wire.
Thanks for all the help. I was using t tap on the ignition wire. I found it was not making contact. I removed the t tap and spliced properly. Once I did that the evo all programmed like it was supposed to. Got the system working like a charm. Side note I had not done t taps on the can low and can high as well as the tx and rx, my directions said t tap was fine on ignition, I disagree no t taps on ignition as well as cans and tx and rx.
Excellent. Problem with t-taps is that they work one day, but after a pot hole or two, connections break.