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2008 Honda Pilot cranks but not starting.

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I installed a Viper 4806V and Evo-All Unit on the 2008 Honda Pilot. Followed all the wiring diagrams and instruction. All works except to the part the its cranks only. I followed the Guide # 82931 and flashed the unit before installing. Im using d2d connections and connected only A1, A10 D4 and D6 wires. I followed the programming procedures till step 5 the red light will flash rapidly then leds turns off before i do step 6 the red led is off already before i turn the key to off position.
asked Nov 11, 2019 in Honda by Jerry Abaquin (130 points)

1 Answer

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if you are in datalink with starter, enable option F3-D2D for any Directed products.
answered Nov 12, 2019 by Robert T (284,630 points)
Thank you, yes its already enabled in the options. It will start with the key in the ignition. i tried reprogramming the unit ending with the same results. When i tried to remote start, i dont see any lights at the evo-all unit.


SN# 001A07064728

Options look good although it looks like it was setup as a stand alone unit at some point? 

Anyway, RESET the unit, reprogram the options, then reprogram to the car. 


Some other suggestions.

  • Being a 2008, take the lowest 73.XX firmware that you see and don't bother with datalink at all since it does nothing but give GWR on this vehicle. So, cut the BLUE and WHITE in the datalink cable. 
  • Battery whould be at a minimum 12.4V with key off. If it is lower, stick a charger on it when reprogramming. 
  • Oddly on these cars, make sure it's light blue/black (A10) that is connected to immo data and not A20. it will program on both