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19 Subaru Forester only unlocks when remote start has been activated.

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19 Subaru Forester PTS will only unlock from rf remote after remote start activated and car is running. I'm coming from an 18 Subaru Crosstrek and would lock / unlock from the rf remotes without the remote start (car running). Is this common with the 19 Forester or am I missing a setting in flash link? When I press the unlock button when the car isn't remote started (or running) the car responds with 3 quick horn beeps.

Everything seemed to program fine on both sides of the unit as well as the dcrytor process. Everything else seems to work also. Start / stop of car and lock. I've had numerous other vehicles with the same setup and all were able to utilize the unlock feature without the car remote started (running).

Thank you,

Steve D.
asked Nov 10, 2019 in Subaru by Stephen Dockeney (320 points)

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