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Yellow led stays on. Car won’t remote start.

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09 Subaru Legacy with evo one, standard key and manual transmission. All of the wires are installed and I followed the procedure for the dcryptor programming successfully, however I haven't been able to remote start the car. When I try to do the procedure (foot on brake, pull hand brake, release foot brake after 1 second) that's where I get stuck, holding the start button for 3 seconds does nothing for me, the parking lights don't flash or do anything. All of the functions of the remote work fine I can lock and unlock the door I have no issues starting the car with the key or anything. The LED on the unit remains yellow no matter what I do t's my understanding it should be flashing blue when I press buttons. I have already changed over the settings with the flash loader for manual transmission but still no luck.


can anyone help me figure this out.
asked Nov 8, 2019 in Subaru by Nick Frank (160 points)
edited Nov 9, 2019 by Nick Frank

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what is the 12 digit service number of the module?


Basically, set option 33.2 and follow the 3rd method in this addendum: https://cdn02.fortin.ca/en/download/87611/87611.pdf


Also, the normal installation guide of the evo-one shows only the wiring for an AUTOMATIC car, it does not show how to do the clutch bypass that will be needed to actually be able to remote start. 

answered Nov 9, 2019 by Robb (262,670 points)
Yellow is normal that it is on when ignition is on.
The service number is 002b04033951

Enable option 33.2 and follow what was mentionned. 


follow the 3rd method in this addendum: https://cdn02.fortin.ca/en/download/87611/87611.pdf

Coming back to this finally got some warm weather to work on the car again. After wiring in a relay to the clutch switch and making sure that option 33.2 is selected I still have no response from the unit. The yellow light stays illuminated and the blue light doesn't flash when pressing lock or unlock. The car functions as it should locking and unlocking the doors however there's no reaction from the evo one.

I have the spdt relay hooked up as

85 goes to (-) start on the evo one

86 and 87 going to constant 12v in the fuse box

30 goes to the clutch switch

is this correct?

I also did a test where I cut the yellow loop on the evo one disconnected the relay and bypassed the clutch switch so the car can be started without depressing the clutch pedal, and adjusted the settings in the module for auto mode. It's the same thing. The car starts fine but same results on the evo one unit. No remote start, light stays yellow and doesn't turn blue when pressing lock or unlock.


Edit: also want to add the red led under the yellow loop stays lit.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

thank you in advance

RED led under yellow loop being on solid means the unit is in valet mode. Take it out of valet mode. Ignition ON, press and release VALET button 3 times (not the programming button).

No blue led flash per lock press would be unfortunately normal on this car since we do not detect doorlocks on CAN-BUS and do not support or list 3xLock start on the 2008 Legacy. https://fortin.ca/en/vehicles/subaru/legacy/2009-standard-key/  It requires aftermarket remotes. Look under "Required Technology". 


The YELLOW LED should only be ON when the vehicles ignition is on. Otherwise, it should be always OFF.  Probably a connection issue with either the PINK (E5) or YELLOW (A1) not being on an ignition wire if the yellow led is always on.

Got it, I took it out of valet mode and ordered the rfk912. I'll update once it comes in. Thank you
When you receive the kit, plug the antenna into the flash link and update it to 1.05.