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2017 RX350 + EVO-ONE + RFK942 + THAR-TOY6 remotes not performing actions

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I'm doing installation on a 2017 RX350 using EVO-ONE, RFK942 and THAR-TOY6 harness.

I have the B plug from harness going into the main body ECU connector as per instructions.  Black steering lock connector connected as per instructions.  Doors plug hooked up to the EVO-ONE plug within the harness.

EVO looks to be taking programming, following the steps results in blue LED flashing quickly which is finished by turning off ignition.  Seems good.

I got the remotes programmed to the RFK942, pressing buttons results in green LED lighting up on the antenna and the remotes respond with green LED and beeps.

The problem is the remote buttons result in no actions being taken.  No locking, no unlocking, no starting.

If I hook up the antenna directly to "Data Link Antenna" port on EVO nothing happens when trying to lock, unlock or start.  It confirms with green LED and beeps. No LED activity on the EVO.

If I hook up th antenna to the blue plug on the harness, which splits from a connector that plugs into data link port, then again nothing happens if door lock/unlock is requested.  If start is requested than the car locks, dash lights up and goes into ignition mode, blinkers blink a few times, no start attempt.  RED and Orange LEDs on the EVO light up and stay lit.

Car functions normally with stock remote.


I've done a ton of googling, looking through various PDFs but can't find anything wrong with what I'm doing.


Thanks :)
asked Nov 3, 2019 in Lexus by TSnow (160 points)
edited Nov 3, 2019 by TSnow

1 Answer

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The antenna does not go into the blue plug of the t-harness, that connector is meant for RF-KITs yes, but only when using an EVO-ALL. On the EVO-ONE, you plug the antenna straight into the module, also a small blue connector. 


You will have to reprogram the remotes once it's plugged into the propper port. As of now, your remotes are paired to the antenna but the antenna is not paired with the EVO-ONE yet. 

answered Nov 4, 2019 by Robert T (284,630 points)
Still no luck.

I'm having a weird issue where I can't even enter the remote transmitter programming mode.  Neither the igniton on - igniton off - ignition on - 4x break OR holding the valet button do anything.  I didn't have the official valet button so I rigged one up, tested the 2 pins at evo-one and they defiitely short when I'm pressing the button.

Is there a way to get into remote programming using the programming button itself like you can with evo-all?  I tried that method and can get the red/blue lights to come on, then off-on and then all lights on with igniton on.  But that's it, the antenna is not flashing as its supposed to and adding a transmitter does not cause evo led to flash only the antenna led.

Very strange.
OK it's now working for some reason, went out this morning to try it again and the valet button works as it should.  I have no idea what I did different today than the last couple of days.  Only thing I can think of is all the doors were unlocked and not just the drivers.
when the system is ARMED (last command received is lock), it will not allow remote programming. That's probably what was going on.