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Prostart two way RF kit with evo-all

0 votes
does evo-all works with prostart rf-kit? Canadian tire sells prostart two way rf-kit and I'd like to add this to my evo-all which I installed on my Lexus awhile ago.
asked Oct 29, 2019 in Lexus by Mehrdadnaseri (160 points)

1 Answer

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evo-all / evo-one is compatible with the Directed XL202 RF adaptor. As long as those Prostarts have the XL202, it should be fine. 


Compatible remotes can be found here: https://fortin.ca/en/technology/rf_kits.html   Change the third drop down to Autostart for the guides.

answered Oct 29, 2019 by Robert T (279,340 points)
thanks for the respond. In the manual says I have to swap the white and blue connectors in the data link cable provided with evo-all. what are those cables for and if I had to do that for every rf kit why it is not in the correct order in the first place? I'd like to make sure I'm doing the right procedure.


You are mixing products of two completely different manufacturers. Those two wires to swap are for Rx and Tx of the antenna.


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