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Can EVO-MAZT1 in standalone mode be programmed with one key/fob?

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I am looking to install the EVO-All with the THAR-MAZ1 t-harrness in standalone configuration in a 2014 Mazda 3 (push-button automatic), and the installation guide states that 2 key fobs are required to programm the evo-all, however I only have 1 key fob.

I want a confirmation whether the evo-all can be programmed successfully with a single key fob, and clarification on what that process would look like? Should I simply skip the steps for the second key fob or follow the steps using the first key? 

Installation Guide page 8: https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/62681/evo-all_ig_tsa_bi_maz1-3_pts_2014-2017_door_v2_e_62681.pdf


asked Oct 29, 2019 in Mazda by Nav Roy (200 points)

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Can EVO-MAZT1 in standalone mode be programmed with one key/fob?"


- No it cannot. 2 keys required. 


Evo-one & MAZT3 can use 1 key fob for programming. 

answered Oct 29, 2019 by Derek (180,040 points)
selected Oct 30, 2019 by Nav Roy
Thanks for the confirmation. Will look into the Evo-All + Maz3 harness
EVO-ONE, not EVO-ALL. CAnnot do stand alone 1 key programming on EVO-ALL.