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remote start in a 2018 Jeep Cherokee. pink/gray wire.

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I can not find the IGNITION SWITCH HARNESS. I am looking for a pink/gray wire.
asked Oct 27, 2019 in Jeep by chris kolb (180 points)

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whether it's a key start or push-to-start model, neither guides show an ignition being needed for an evo-all stand alone installation. 


I don't know if your vehicle is key start or push start but these are the latest guides for both...

regular key: https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/79111/evo-all_ig_tsa_bi_chr6-cherokee_2014-2018_key_a_79111.pdf

Push-to-start; https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/83771/evo-all_ig_tsa_bi_chr-dodge-cherokee_2016_pts_f_83771.pdf



answered Oct 28, 2019 by Robb (262,210 points)
selected Oct 28, 2019 by chris kolb
Thank you I was given a chart for up to year 2016, not 2018

I am still have issues, does the yellow wire need to be connected to anything?


2018 jeep cherokee standard Key


I have done everything have a soild blue light push program per paper and I can not get a blue blinking light.... I am about to throw this thing in the trash.

If you were given 2016 paper work by someone i can see why you're having issues. It wont do you any good if it's in trash.


What's is the 12 digit service number (s/n) of the module?
Service number 001a06859002
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If the blue led does not flash rapidly after you turn ignition on and tap the programming button you would want to check your 4 can bus wires that you connected at the OBD2 port. There is an issue with them.


There is one other posibility, but I would need the complete vin number to the vehicle to check it.