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'12 G37 - Is my EVO-ALL broken?

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[EVO-ALL install on 2012 Infiniti G37 w/ THarness; SN/001A07008704; Guide #80851]


Cannot program the EVO-ALL. I get stuck on step 2. When I press the button twice, the yellow LED doesn't start blinking.

In addition:

1) I noticed if I remove the data link cable from the EVO-ALL while the white 20-pin connector is installed, the locks contantly go off (always locking).

I have gone over the wiring many times and am confident it's correct.

2) During step 1, I have to disconnect and reconnect the data link cable several times before it finally begins cycling through the LEDs.

Is this normal? or is it asign of bad wiring? bad unit?
asked Oct 19, 2019 in Infiniti by BLourenco (130 points)

1 Answer

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I would check your yellow wire for ignition. This is why you cannot enter programming mode, this or you had the ignition on already when you shouldn't.


1- Of course because you have removed the ground from the unit and it is trying to find a ground through the door locks. This is a bad idea because this is how you damage a unit. As with any electrical device, power and ground always comes out last.
answered Oct 21, 2019 by derek ! (284,570 points)
The yellow wire for ignitions runs into the T-harness like in the diagram. Am I missing something here?....

Also, I simply place the key into the key port like the instructions say, then I follow with the first step. I dont ever get to the part where I finally press the ignition button.
No, you should still verify the ignition wire though.....


If you just plug in the power and nothing else to the evo, are you able to select the mode and press the programmin button 2x to make the yellow led flash.
Okay, so I checked the ignition wire just in case and we are good there.

as far as then when I plug only the power and go through the steps the yellow led flashes the way it's supposed to but once I plug the 20pin in, it stops flashing.
Is the ignition on when you are plugging in the 20 pin connector?
No, ignition is off. When I plug in the 20 pin connector, I only have the key in the key port.
Something on the 20 pin is messing up the evo which si why it stops flashing when you plug it in.


I suggest calling us to troubleshoot the issue further.




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