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Nissan 370z 6MT install?

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I have the EVO-NIST1 and 2009 Nissan 370z.  How do I re-wire the brake T-harness to work with the clutch pedal?
asked Oct 15, 2019 in Nissan by glee (230 points)

1 Answer

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evo-nist1 is only compatible on manual transmission vehicles when paired with a remote starter brain capable of handling manual vehicles. It is the starter that would control the clutch circuit and brake signals.


Otherwise, you would need an Evo-One and a NIST1 harness for manual transmission.
answered Oct 15, 2019 by Derek (179,950 points)
Which remote starter is conpatible?
Basically any remote start with work with the evo as long as it has either data link or analog outputs for bypass control.
Can you provide the installation instructions for 6mt? I can only find the instructions for automatic.
Correct. Follow the automatic guide, then test and wire in your clutch bypass accordingly. It's the same installation, you just need to figure out how to wire in the clutch bypass.