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Evo-all w/ ASCL6 or LinkR-LT2

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Currently I have installed Viper 5704 w/ evo-all as my remote start/security system in my 2006 Ford F-150. I want to upgrade the system to be able to start from my phone. I can not go with Viper smart start simply because I have to be authorized dealer to be able to activate before I can use it. For module, installation and activation they want  too much. I was thinking if I can go with ether ASCL6 or LinkR-LT2 with evo-all. How can this be done? Basically what I need this Evo-all to do when I press:


Remote start ——> wire #1 pulsed ground

Remote stop ——> wire #1 pulsed ground

Door lock      ——> wire #2 pulsed ground

Door unlock ——> wire #3 pulsed ground


Also if possible to hook up (Confirmation wires) GWR wire so it will let me know if car started and another wire that could be connected to siren output for alarm trigger


Pulsed ground will activate my 5704v remote start

Is it possible to configure like that? If yes what firmware, and what wires should I use in order to accomplish that?  Do I need another Evo-all or can I use one that I already have?

asked Oct 10, 2019 in FAQ by G PS (220 points)

1 Answer

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With the current setup on that vehicle, you cannot connect a control device to the evo. The EVO is being used a bypass, not a remote starter. Your only option would be the smart start.


Your other option since Viper is very limited, would be to remove the viper and install a Voxx remote starter that is compatible with their ASCL6.


I would suggest verifiyng first with Voxx if you can connect the ASCL6 to a viper system. It is possible that it can be done but i have no clue. They will be best at answering that question.
answered Oct 10, 2019 by Robb (254,960 points)