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2019 4Runner with T harness (Toy1 & Ty 30) . Double checked all wiring for correct location and proper connection. Everything on the installation side is good.


I cannot use the 3x lock function as the Evo-One will not blink (blue led or anything else) with the key off. I can turn the ignition on and it blinks and responds to OEM fob lock/unlock. I can start the vehicle and press the lock button on the fob 3x and then turn the ignition off / remove key and the vehicle will stay running. I can also press the lock button 3x again and the truck will shut off with the fob..But then it will not respond anymore..

So the programming is correct, the wiring is correct, but for some reason on this 2019 4runner (standard key/t harness install), the door lock/unlock doesn't read when the ignition is off.


​The evo one is set up with monitor OEM option on

​Valet mode is verfied off and yellow loop is cut

 All programming of the immobilizer and canbus was successful, and I repeated the process again just to ensure everything was good.

​I have also tried various firmware versions and it is now back at the original/highest availible 

I can start the vehicle and press lock 3x and turn the ignition off and remove the key and the vehicle stays running, so everything is set up, but for some reason with the ignition turned off, the evo one doesnt register the lock/unlock commands on the keyfob.


I don't have the service number available right now, mounted the unit behind the dash and did not write the number on it down.


my guide for install is: Guide # 72361

asked Oct 7, 2019 in Toyota by christian denny (200 points)

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3xlock start is not supported on the 4Runner. We cannot detect the remotes with the car off (as you saw). An RF-KIT is listed under requirements.





answered Oct 7, 2019 by Robb (262,670 points)
selected Oct 7, 2019 by christian denny