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Connecting RM411 RF Kit to EVO-ALL

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About a year ago I installed the EVO-FORT1 with the EVO-ALL and was using the 3x Lock on OEM remote and that works just fine and still does. I recently bought the RM411 rf kit with the ANT-FMH-SW antenna and have been trying to get the remotes to start my 2011 Ford Escape. I used the flash link and manager to update the EVO-ALL for the correct settings to allow the RF kit to work with it. When I go to try and program the transmitter, following this guide https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/69291/rm411-install-guide-69291.pdf, it doesn't seem to work. At step 5 all three LEDs are on as expected but when I hold down the transmitter button for 12 seconds and release it the yellow light never blinks so the remote transmitter never programs correctly. 


What I am struggling with is that at step 5 all three LEDs on the EVO-ALL are on and the LED on the antenna is flashing. So this would mean the the EVO-ALL is in programming mode and has communicated to the antenna correctly so it is looking to program the remotes. So I have the data-link connection made and the antenna has power. When I hold the transmitter button for 12 seconds and release it the LED on the antenna momentarilly stops flashing indicating that it is communicating with the remote just fine. So for some reason the antena seems to not be communicating back to the EVO-ALL, or the EVO-ALL isn't picking up the right information from the antenna. Any ideas how to work around this? Thanks.


For information, I have the H2 option turned on (Fortin2 for the RF Kit) and the 3x lock on the OEM remote still works so I know the EVO-ALL is communicating with the car.

asked Oct 6, 2019 in Ford by Zach Buc (130 points)

1 Answer

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When you press and hold the remote button, the led on the remote will flash a few seconds, it will then turn off and back on. Once it turns back on, release the button.  It's the RED and BLUE on the EVO that will confirm remote pairing.


Also, do you have the RFA2A adaptor that allows easy connection of the antenna to the EVO ?
answered Oct 7, 2019 by Robert T (279,440 points)
Yes I wait for the remote to blink-->stop-->turn back on before I release the button. I don't have any confimation on the EVO that it recognizes the remote pairing even though the antenna shows the pairing by momentarilly stopping its LED from blinking. I am using the RFA2A adaptor and as I mentioned it appears that the EVO is communicating with the antenna as it sucessfully puts it in pairing mode, it seems to be the data link commmunication from the antenna back to the EVO that is the problem. Is there an easy way to debug that communication channel?
Only way to test is by checking continuity on the White and Blue wires of the RFA2A adaptor. Also visually inspect the antenna cable in case it got snipped when routed through the A pillar.
I measured essentially zero ohms on all four wires end to end, from the plug going into the EVO to the plug going into the antenna, so the continuity should be good.


I have convinced myself that there is a problem either with the antenna data link transmit or the EVO data link recieve. I am considering buying another antenna/remote kit but I would like to verify the Data link RX on the EVO is working before wasting time/money on another kit. Is there any cheap tool or easy method to tell if the EVO is able to recieve messages on its data link the antenna connects to? Or contrary to that tell if the antenna is succesfully transmitting messages?
Please call support, 1-887-336-7797
Was there a simple resolution to this issue? I am having the exact problem described here. I have flashed the fortin module and started from scratch, but I still cannot get the fortin module to recognize the RM411 when I follow the programming procedures.


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