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Door Trigger 2013 Murano not functioning

0 votes
Eco all in standalone mode. Everything wired correctly.  With pink/black hooked up all lights stay on with door closed   With wire disconnected remote start works but lights stay on when stopped. If driving vehicle says door open
asked Sep 28, 2019 in Nissan by Mark reite (220 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Sounds like the unit is grounding itself through the driver door pin.
answered Sep 30, 2019 by derek ! (276,840 points)
Unit installed with harness. Would the harness be defective then.  Everything seems to work except the pink with black is grounded as soon as the unit is powered up.
Try running your own ground wire from the black 4 pin connector see if that solves the issue.
Ran separate ground to 4 pin. Issue still the same.
try flashing aidfferent version into the module and see if that changes the output, if not, the module has been damaged resulting in that output being grounded all the time.
Must be defective. Tried different firmware.
It could also be that options are not set up properly. Example.... Pink/Black is a hand/brake output when stand alone is not enabled.
Standalone enabled.


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