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Evo-one and rf642w not working

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Have a 16 Mazda CX-5 running fine with lock-unlock-lock as well a dei smartstart system on a evo-one. Customer now want a to add on a rf642w kit.. I have added these on evo-all in the past without issue by activating in the software and programming  the fob’s but this evo-one is having an issue. When I plug in the antenna the blue light turns on and off. I go through the programming on the evo-one using the valet switch, turn ign on hold valet until lights/horn, press and release valet 5x and the. Press the brake... this is where all goes wrong, no led flash, buttons don’t program... what am I missing? No longer find remote control options in the flash link manager for the evo-one.
asked Sep 19, 2019 in Other by greg lariviere (240 points)

1 Answer

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What is the service number to the unit?


Was a master reset done remote starter side prior to trying to program the 64-2w?
answered Sep 20, 2019 by derek ! (277,110 points)
Service number 002B07239681 and no master reset was performed

You will need to firstly perform a master reset on the remote starter as shown here: https://fortin.ca/en/download/61941/61941.pdf

Once this is done, unplug the main power from the unit and re connect it. Then follow the remote programming you were doing before. 


Side note, you cannot use both the smart start and rf kit plugged in at the same time. It is either one or the other. 



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