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2017 F150, remote starts ok, no heater or dash lights

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I bought a Evo -Fort 3 programmed by the place where I bought. Very easy installation. But tried it for the first

time this morning, it started fine (set up for lock-unlock -lock) and found that the heater does not come on , I

set the heat and fan to max before I shut down the truck last night. When I got in the truck all dash lights are

off even the tach doesn't register that it is running, only thing showing is a box on the display that says to

insert the key and turn to run position. There is some air blowing out of the dash but no lights on the heater

controls. I had set it for defroster, max heat and max air. Some guidance would be appreciated.
asked Sep 18, 2019 in Ford by Tim Dreher (240 points)

1 Answer

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For3 enables the factory remote starter settings in the BCM. The whole system acts as the OEM Ford remote starter. The default setting in the BCM for heat and A/C is set to Auto which is about 22 degrees. It will not use your "Last settings". You can actually have those settings enabled at the dealer so that you can then control everything from the cars user menu as if it were the OEM remote starter.  To get an idea what im talking about, https://youtu.be/G7j5R_w6OjI


The other option is to go with the EVO-FORT2 install if it's key start F150. Install is completely diferent and does not rely on how the bcm is set up. It's a standard remote starter install where it's the remote starter actually starting the car. Heating would then use whatever your controls were left at except for the rear defrost (defrost resets itself by simply turning the key off).
answered Sep 18, 2019 by Robb (236,350 points)
Thank you Robb , for the very fast reply to my question. Much appreciated .