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What is included in EVO-ONE for Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 Standard-key?

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Hi there,

If I buy EVO-ONE for my Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 Standard-key, will I get everything that is needed to have fully functional remote start system in my car?

What about those listed optional and required accessories, and optional and required technologies, are they included in the package as well? Will I be able to flash new firmware at the time of installation without purchasing additional modules and/or software from you?

Thank you,

asked Sep 2, 2019 in Hyundai by Sergei Golovin (150 points)

1 Answer

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No, you will need minimum the Flashink Updater (sold separately) to be able to flash the correct firmware and options in order to be able to the use the Evo-One on the vehicle specified.


Optional Accessories as stated are optional thus will need to be purchased separately.


Thank you,
answered Sep 3, 2019 by Rico (52,840 points)
Hi Rico,

Thanks for the clarification.

So, if I order EVO-ONE, I need the Flash-Link updater device add to my order but will the T-HARNESS be included?



No, EVO-ONE comes with a generic harness.  

T-harness are not sold direct from Fortin. I would suggest checking with authorized retailers for purchasing the entire system if you plan on DIY.  https://fortin.ca/en/distributors/



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