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Will thar fort2 work with check engine light on

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Installed thar fort3 with compustar on 2015 f150 and if doesn't work alarm works but it won't start, tried it as standalone and it still won't start. My check engine light is on because my truck is modified, i was told on here that it won't start because my check engine light is on. If i change it to thar fort2 will it start with check engine light on? Does thar fort2 have the same limitations as thar fort3 installation? Also i used another evo all when i was testing can i use the evo all with another ford f150 same year without reflashing it? Or do i have to reset it and reflash it?
asked Aug 26, 2019 in Ford by julio pelayo (1,650 points)

1 Answer

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The FORT3 install replicates the OEM Ford remote starter. If check engine is on, the car will not remote start.


The FORT2 is stand remote starter install. Check engine or not, the car will remote start.


Both solutions use a diferent firmware. FOR3 = 4.01 , FOR2 = 71.44+

Reset is needed when a module changes cars.
answered Aug 26, 2019 by Robert T (280,460 points)
selected Aug 27, 2019 by julio pelayo


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