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Clutch problem ( check engine light) wrangler 2018

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Check engine light comes on every to often because of clutch bypass using mr20 relay. Need scan tool to remove then ok for a few weeks then comes back in again. Wrangler 2018 standard key evo one + t-harness
asked Aug 23, 2019 in Jeep by yannick polasek (1,950 points)

2 Answers

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Please provide the shop name and number you are associated with.
answered Aug 23, 2019 by JM (61,780 points)
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check engine will come on if the wires on the interrupt are reversed.
answered Aug 23, 2019 by Robert T (284,630 points)
But problem only after a few months of working fine. And once code are erased its fine for a few weeks and then eventually comes back on. I doubked checked the wire and they are correcte. Inrermitent defectif Mr20 relay?
It's under the hood the relay?  Check for corrosion on the pins possibly. MR20 should be small enough to fit in a 1inch heatshrink. Could be worth it to protect it from the oustide world.