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Is there any difference in installation (wiring) with evo mystart than regular installation?

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Hi, my service advisor came up to me asking if I could install the evo mystart remote and I told him I can try but never done one. I will be installing on a recent Kia Sportage (assuming its between 2017-2020). Not sure if its push to start or regular key but is there any difference of installing (wiring) and wheres the procedure to install the mystart?
asked Aug 22, 2019 in Kia by Pheaktra Mom (860 points)

1 Answer

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no difference in installation.


the mystart is simply an antenna that plugs into the evo. Make sure to have the proper programming guide for the mystart or mycar, whichever it is.
answered Aug 22, 2019 by Robert T (284,540 points)
2018 Kia Sportage, Push-To-Start. I installed the evo-start2 antenna with the wires. so yellow wire goes onto ignition wire (blue) on driver side kick panel (blue connector). plugged the 3 connectors that came with the evo-start2. now comes programming. programmed the antenna. i go on the phone, i used the activation code thats behind the antenna and put it on my phone. all goes good until when i tried different options (start the car, lock, unlock, etc..) nothing works. i see the evo-start2 antenna flashing when i try to start/lock/unlock and on the phone it writes down the request. nothing happens at all to the car.
What 3 connectors????

only 1 connector plugs into the remote starter, small blue one. Which brings up another good question, what kind of remote starter?
Well the 3 connectors from the antenna. 1 that connects to the evo-start2 antenna. 1 that bypasses the original evo-one antenna and the other one that plugs into the module.
Ok that makes sense.


Does not sound like the pairing procedure went through correctly then.

1- Ignition On - OFF - ON

2- Press and release brake 4 times  (evo antenna should be flashing blue rapidly now)

3- press and hold button of antenna until it goes green. Release immediately when it goes green.

4- Ignition OFF and test
I will try it again tomorrow at work as i am home now. Frustrated that nothing was working. I will let you know how it goes when I perform the steps again.
Just call support if you need. 1-877-336-7797
everything works! now client asked me if he could set the defroster and a/c and stuff. where do i find it? it seems that the one i installed you could only have the password, touch id, outside temp, running, lock, unlock, start/stop functions. is it possible some doesnt include the other stuff like a/c functions? i couldnt find anything else.


The EVO-ONE has 1 AUXILLIARY output that can be used to activate anything you want.

You can control how that output acts with option 25.


You cannot directly control AC. He would have to leave it in AC before exiting the vehicle.