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Can't turn off Kia Niro

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After remote start, I enter the car with the smart key but when I press the push start button nothing happens to indicate the takeover happened (light on push to start button off), if I press the brakes nothing happens (but I can drive) but if I want to turn the car off, I press the button and it says to press the pedal to turn on (but the car is on and I can drive). No matter what I do (press repeatedly, press brakes, put in drive), I can't turn off. I believe the take over is only happening after the 15 minutes of the remote start is over. One detail is that only then my headlights if on auto mode will turn on (I can turn on manually). Any ideas? Evo one, Niro 2019, latest firmware loaded.
asked Aug 22, 2019 in Kia by Joao Luna (140 points)
edited Aug 22, 2019 by Joao Luna

1 Answer

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Sounds like it never programmed correctly to the vehicle typically caused by issues with the CAN-BUS connections.


Step 5 of programming, while the red or the blue are flashing, are any other lights on?

what is the 12 digit service number of the unit?
answered Aug 22, 2019 by Robert T (280,060 points)
So, I've reprogrammed and on step 5 only red or blue will flash. When I enter the car and push the start button I can hear a relay clicking inside evo one and the symbol with the car and the key inside will blink for 2s while the light of the start button will turn yellow and off. After I've done that I can't turn off the car using the remote unless I click the start stop button again (not consistent) because it won't accept commands from the remote like it does when the car is on as it does normally (before evo install) . After the remote start the Evo One will have both red and yellow lights on no matter what I do. The take over should happen when I click the button or when I step on the brakes after I click the button?


Service # 002B07276185
Takeover happens this way..

1. car is remote started

2. you unlock and get into to car

3. press the push button 1 time

4. the EVO secretly pushes the push button the second time here

5. press the brake = evo shuts off and car is taken over

Things to check.... 

-- Take over control wire. Easily and most common mistake since there are over 10 pink wires in that connector.

-- The 2 diodes and connections to the Start-Stop


It's possible that the evo is not detecting the brake while the car is remote started. To rectify, connect the BLACK wire from the 20-pin to the vehicles brake wire. 


Driver Kick panel, 82 pin blac connector

Pin 27

You were right, it was not detecting the brakes. But I want to correct the pin# of the brake wire (which is really green). The correct pin # on 2019 niro push-to-start is the 53 - GREEN.

As a suggestion would help other people to have this info updated on the installation manual (black wire needed on pin 53 green of the 82-pin connector).

ATTENTION: The pin 42 right next to it is also green (i can't see a stripe) but don't react to the brakes, so make sure you are selecting the 53 and NOT THE 42! Test it!


Thanks for helping, let me know if I can help with anything else.

Thanks for the info! brake should actually be simply detected on CAN-BUS.

I had the same problem as Joao Luna. Takeover wouldn't happen and the vehicle wasn't able to be turned off until the timeout period had completed.  Connecting the Black [A11] wire to the Green wire on Pin 53 of the 82-Pin Black Connector located in the in the driver's side kick panel (labeled connector "1" on the guide) fixed the issue. There are two Green wires connecting to Pin 53, either will work, however there are a bunch of other Green wires in the 82-Pin connector, so make sure you're grabbing the right one. 

Stats: Evo-One, S/N:002B04028689, 76.51 firmware, Niro 2019, HEV Push-to-Start.

P.S. What is the function of the Black [A11] wire? Is it just a trigger for engine shutdown for the Evo? Or is it something else?



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