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Cannot get Linkr LT1 and EVO ALL to link together

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I have a 2019 F150 and trying to install a Linkr LT1 and an EVO ALL module. I can get the EVO ALL to work, but cannot get the Linkr LT1 to work with it. Fortin 2 is enabled through settings. Firmware 4.01 installed. Here is what has happened so far:

If I program the Fortin module first with the key fob (blue light method), I then have to unplug the module and replug it in to pair with the app (red and blue light method). This should reset the key fob programming, correct? When I do this, I try to start from the app and I hear the app chirp, then a longer chirp (assuming that's the confirmation command that it started) but being as the module has not been programmed to start, it doesn't do as such.

So I programmed the linkr module first (since it has constant power through this process, hoping it would remember the programming), then I programmed the Fortin module, but now I don't get that confirmation chirp, although it works through my key fob.

Any settings I am missing? I cannot get the app to work for the life of me.

asked Jul 28, 2019 in Ford by Chris Torres (130 points)

1 Answer

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Be sure the app is set to Fortin protocol BEFORE pairing the 2 devices. If Fortin 2 is already on inside the evo thats good.


When you are in the blue & red pairing mode, do the blue and red lights blink once when you turn the key to the on position?


If not try sending lock from the app and see if blue & red blink.
answered Jul 29, 2019 by Derek (178,330 points)
The app already has the Fortin protocol selected. Fortin 2 is also selected.


When the blue and red lights are in pairing mode (the second time, after I press the button and hold for about 5 seconds) and I turn the key to the ON position, the yellow light also comes on and all 3 stay on until I turn the key off and then all 3 blink 2 or 3 times.


I tried sending a lock command from the app and nothing blinked.

Here is the process I just did:


1 - set Fortin to keyfob (works)
2 - unplug black power connector, leave white connector in
3 - plug in black connector with button held down until blue and red lights come on. press and hold again until they reappear
4 - turn the key to the ON position
5 - red and blue lights stay on, then yellow light comes on. nothing blinks.
6 - turn the key off and all 3 lights blink 2 or 3 times then turn off

7 - try the key fob. Blue light flashes on the module, but does not start the car. Try the app. I get 1 short chirp, followed by a longer chirp a few seconds later. No lights blink on the module, no reaction from the vehicle.

If blue & red arent blinking when the key is turned on and sending lock didnt work  it would seem the evo isnt getting a command. Verify the adapter harness used and how the telematics is connected to the evo.  




Might be easier to call in when you have the vehicle and modules to try and go through it together. 




8-6 Est.