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US model 2016 impreza sport limited evo-one remote start and 2-way remote

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First question, will i be able to do the 3x lock remote start on my US model push to start impreza?

Second question, if I get one of the 2-way extended range remotes, will i still need the smart key to drive the car or no longer with the bypass installed via the evo-one? Just don't want to carry 2 remotes if it's not necessary.


Third, the product description when I search for my car states "The OEM remote will no longer function once the vehicle is remote started." So how will I unlock the doors once I get to my car after it is remote started?



asked Jul 4, 2019 in Subaru by Harrold Gobunsuy (130 points)
edited Jul 4, 2019 by Harrold Gobunsuy

2 Answers

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1- 3x lock will not work because the OEM remote is dead once the car is running.


2- yes you will still need the smart key to drive the car.


3- you cant, whi is why we recommend using an rf kit.
answered Jul 4, 2019 by Derek (190,250 points)
Regarding the first question, pushing the lock 3x does not activate the remote start? I'll be pushing the remote before the car is running (while it's still turned off and locked) so shouldnt it activate the remote start mechanism?
You can start the vehicle with 3x lock from the factory fob. Once started your fob is dead. Meaning you cannot shut it down and you cannot unlock the vehicle.
Thanks. If I use the key to manually unlock the door, will the car continue to run or will it stop the remote start since I didn't use an rf kit to unlock the doors?

I'll be getting a 2 way remote eventually, but just wanted to see what functionality I'll have until then.
it will shut down since it never received a unlock signal.
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I have a 2016 Impreza Sport Limited and an EVO-One installed.  I also have a 2 way rf remote.  From what I could remember, things worked with the factory key fob.  While I'm not 100% positive, I am pretty sure I tried it and things worked OK.  What didn't work was the door locks when I tried to unlock it with the RF remote.  You can probably see my previous questions about it to figure out what I did. In order to unlock the car, I had to use the OEM remote.  And the lock before start wouldn't work either.  I do remember that I had to hook up the door trigger from the EVO-One to the door wiring in the car in order for it to work properly.  Once I did that, things worked fine.  


I also highly recommend using the RF remote.  It's really worth it!
answered Jul 30, 2019 by mike wisniewski (430 points)