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Why can't I program my EVO-ONE on my 2015 CR-V?

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I am trying to install an EVO-ONE remote starter on my 2015 Honda CRV Push-to-Start. I am using the T-harness. I connect the 24 and 28 pin connectors correctly. When I hold down the program button and plug in the 6-pin plug, nothing happens. No lights turn on on the module. I know I am doing this part correctly. Previously, I had an EVO-ALL and got it set up correctly (but I ditched that effort because I couldn't get the Crimestopper remote starter to work and just bought the EVO-ONE). I did this process on the EVO-ALL (using the 4-pin data link wire) countless times without difficulty - this part was never the problem. Why don't I get any lights at all when I hold down the program button and plug in the 6-pin connector on the EVO-ONE? I have updated both the "bypass" side to 73.31 and the "remote starter" side to 1.24 using the Flashlink. I updated the bypass side, then I unplugged it from the computer. Then I plugged it back in and updated the remote starter side. On the bypass side, I have C1, D2, and D6 enabled. On the remote starter side, I have 38.2 enabled. None of that even matters because the module won't even light up when I plug it in! Of note, if I have the 6-pin main harness plugged into the EVO-ONE and turn the car's power on, it does flash some lights - so I know it is getting power.


This is my only concern: I am using the T-harness that came with the EVO-ALL + Crimestopper kit that I purchased online prior to giving up on that and switching to the EVO-ONE. The label on the T-harness says "THAR-HON3". It does not say "THAR-ONE-HON3". However, it appears to be the exact same harness as the THAR-ONE-HON3. It has all of the same connectors. Please do not recommend to me that all I need to do is buy the T-harness that is specifically called "THAR-ONE-HON3" unless you are absolutely certain that this is the issue because I have already spent more money than I should have trying to install a stupid remote starter on my vehicle. I only see one type of T-harness available on this website for my push-to-start vehicle, so I don't think that there is really a difference between the two. However, if you know for a fact that there is a true difference between "THAR-HON3" and "THAR-ONE-HON3" and that the "THAR-HON3" T-harness is incompatible with the EVO-ONE, I will buy the THAR-ONE-HON3 T-harness.


Sorry for the long post. I am just trying to anticipate any follow up questions and go ahead and address them. Thanks in advance for your help. I'm almost ready to throw all of this in the trash and buy a car with remote start on it.

asked Jul 2, 2019 in Honda by Dexter Rich (130 points)

1 Answer

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In order to get the lights on all you need is 12volts on the red wire and ground on the black wire from the 6 pin harness. I would take a multimeter and check for that first.
answered Jul 2, 2019 by Mike M (9,820 points)