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Eco-All Requirements

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Looking to install the Evo-All in my 2015 Ford Escape.  When I look at the kit I see no mention of an antenna.  Do I need to purchase and install on separately or does the unit integrate the vehicle antenna?  Can I program an Astrostart 2-way fob to work with the unit?  The description mentions that two OEM keys are required for installation.  I have two working fobs for my vehicle but purchased the car used and do not know if they are the original keys.
asked Jun 28, 2019 in Ford by Terry Kjargaard (130 points)

1 Answer

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EVO-ALL is bypass module normally used with a third party remote starter to allow CAN integration and immobilizer bypass for the remote starter. In some cases, such as your vehicle, the EVO-ALL can be used as a remote starter. We refer to this as, Stand Alone Remote Starter.

For the EVO-ALL to be setup as a Stand Alone Remote Starter., this is done through the units options menu, all which can be controlled from the Flash Link Updater. https://fortin.ca/en/products/accessories/flash-link_updater/


The programming of the EVO-ALL to the 2015 Ford Escape can be done 2 different ways.

1. With 2 master keys.

2. With 1 key using the units Dcryptor technology. Flash-Link Updater required.

The EVO-ALL does not come with remotes. On the 2015 Escape, the unit can be controlled from the factory remote and if you want to add a compatible RF-KIT. Compatible RF-KITs can be found here:  https://fortin.ca/en/technology/rf_kits.html



answered Jun 28, 2019 by Robb (232,460 points)
Thanks Robb

Thanks for your response.  I am thinking I will install the Evo-all with the Ford T-harness and the RF642W.  Is there anything else I need to install and program these?

You will also need the flash link updater do configure and flash the evo for your rf kit/vehicle.
Thanks Derek.  Does the RF Kit plug directly into the Evo or is an adapter needed?

If you are using the thar-fort4 harness then the adapter is built into the t-harness and the rf kit will plug right in.


If using the thar-fort1 harness then you will need the rfa2a adapter.


If you purchase an rf kit labelled "rfall642w" the adapter is included in the kit.
Thanks Derek.  Would Smart Start be an option with the Evo-Fort4 and my Escape?
smart start dsm550 is only compatible with evo-one for the time being.
Sorry Derek.  I meant to ask about the Evo-start.
evo-start only works in the areas listed on the website



Thanks for all your help and advice.