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Evo-All Thar-For4 2010 Fusion Trunk release not working

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I have installed an EVO-ALL with the THAR-FOR4 harness in a 2010 Fusion SE and everything is working great, except for the trunk release. It clearly states in the installation guide the trunk release as well as trunk status are supported via hardware 6 and firmware 7.46.


Can someone provide me with information on why this doesn't work? I upgraded from the THAR-FOR1 harness since the guide said the trunk release worked. Looks like it was a  waste of money...

Thank you,



asked Jun 15, 2019 in Ford by Jason Pojorlie (160 points)
edited Jun 15, 2019 by Jason Pojorlie

1 Answer

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What is the service number to the module?
answered Jun 17, 2019 by derek ! (284,550 points)
The service number is #001A06535460
What model remotes are you using?


Also you should be on version 71.47, you are currently at 71.44, I see you flashed .47 before, please flash it back to 71.47 and then re program the unit to the vehicle.


I see you enabled option G for evo-alarm, Is the evo actually wired in as an alarm?
I will try that and report back. The evo is not installed as an alarm, just standalone starter, so I will disable option G.
Flashed evo to 71.47 and it the trunk release still doesn't work. I am used the RF642W RF kit with this unit. If I read the directions right, hold the 4th button for 3 seconds is trunk release.

Any ideas?
Everything looks correct. It would appear on your car it is not working. What is the complete vin for the vehicle. I will make a report on this issue.


One last question, when you hold the (-) for 3 seconds and send the trunk command, what do the led's on the evo do?
I would rather not put my VIN up on here. Can you email me at the address on my account?

It's fine. Ill make the rport without the vin. 


"One last question, when you hold the (-) for 3 seconds and send the trunk command, what do the led's on the evo do?"

If it helps, it is 3FAHP0HG6AR115693. I have noticed that the oem alarm doesn't seem to disarm if locked by an OEM fob and then unlocked by the EVO. It seems that the fusion is thinking that that car was unlocked via the drivers door unlock button.

When pressing the (-) key for 3 seconds the EVO blinks blue once and the parking lights flash once.
As a troubleshooting step I enabled the option that unlocks like oem fob with drivers door first. It unlocked all doors at the first unlock button cycle and the alarm still went off. There seems to be a canbus error with this vehicle, because nothing seems to work as advertised. I have started to research other options that will allow me to have trunk control.
The blue light blinks once (i assume CAN comm) when the evo makes an attempt to unlock the trunk. I suspect that the CANbus code is wrong with this attempt. I plan to investigate the CANbus and will report back when I know more on what is happening with the vehicle.