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OEM Alarm no longer working

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I installed an EVO-ALL in my 06 Pathfinder a few weeks ago and everything is working except arm and disarm. I have the unit paired with a crimesropper starter through data. There are no wires populated in the BCM for lock and unlock, so I am using the evo all to control them through CAN. The locks function, but they don’t disarm or arm the factory alarm. Is there any way to change this?
asked 4 days ago in Nissan by Cam Cross (280 points)

1 Answer

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Through CAN the EVO-ALL will Lock-unlock but not arm disarm. Those need to be wired to those empty pins at the BCM.  I would suggest connecting your remote starter there per the installation guide. https://www.wirecolor.com/download/78151/78151.pdf



answered 4 days ago by Robb (191,230 points)