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THAR ONE HON7 - CRV Push to start

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Hi, sorry for my english. I bought the whole set of Evo One and Hon7 lastweek.

I already have the guidance for installation but i dont understand the note "Cut3" mean.

When i look at the guide, i said that i need to Cut3 blue cable to D4 and D6 in the pin. What does it mean?

Is it mean i have to cut the blue cable out and connect the remain cable to D6 and D4?!

Or just use some T splice to connect the D6 and D4 to the blue cable.


Please help.


asked Jun 12, 2019 in Honda by Hai Hoang (130 points)

1 Answer

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You need to cut the blue wire and connect D4 and D6 to either end.
answered Jun 12, 2019 by Robb (245,910 points)
Anyway, i bought it already, just because i though it a lastest version so not cutting stuff.

Is it really a 2 small wires inside that blue cable...i see that the cable is too small already. Can i use t splice to connect those small cable?

and will the remote start function work with out cutting thay cable?


like this. 

9961267803581150494" style="width: 323px; height: 445px;">


"and will the remote start function work with out cutting thay cable?"


No it will not work properly. 

i cannot see the picture, can you send it via my gmail bennyhoang92123@gmail.com


it will be very helpful to me if i can see how it look in real life.

its the same picture as listed in the guide. 




Page 3, where it says cut, cut.

Then connect as shown. 

ah, now i understand something, it mean the wire in the Pin go with D6, and the other ends go with D4...