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3x lock doesn’t shut down engine just accessories

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2017 Nissan Altima Evo-All with T-harness in stand alone. 3x lock starts just fine. Accessories all come on inside, radio, a/c, dash lights. Problem is if I 3x lock to turn off car or let runtime timer run down to shut down car, accessories all turn off but engine does not. Only way everything shuts down after remote start is if I manually press the start/stop button in car. Also when remote starting parking lights flash as starting but don’t stay on to show car is running.

service number on unit is. 001A06853354
asked Jun 11, 2019 in Nissan by Chris LaMonica (290 points)

1 Answer

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"when remote starting parking lights flash as starting but don’t stay on to show car is running."

Turn off option E5 and the hazards will flash for the length of the run time. 

Also please turn off option E2, A14 & B1. 

Turn on options A5 & A6. 


Save the options and re test in the vehicle. 


If the vehicle still does not fully shut down once the above is done the next step would be to lower the firmware to 72.34 and re program and re test. 

answered Jun 11, 2019 by derek ! (279,120 points)
selected Jun 11, 2019 by Chris LaMonica
Everything worked out great with the shut down problem. Thanks for that.

The hazards flashing for length of runtime do not, they only flash while starting. And no parking lights either. No big deal for me as long as everything else works right which it does. Again thanks a lot!


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