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694c2f035418">I have followed the steps more than once with no success. I am unable to pair the RM411 with my EVO-ONE. Installed on 2007 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4.0 V6 Automatic.

EVO-ONE updated/programmed and installed using GUIDE # 24121 REV.: 20181206

While I “Press and hold the programming button

I “Insert the connectors”:

20 pin (White),

4 pin (Blue): DATA-LINK ANTENNA *this is the RM411

2 pin (White): Valet/ Programming Button

I “Insert the 6-Pin Main connector”

The LEDs will alternate between BLUE, RED, YELLOW & BLUE/RED flashes.

*blue LED on RM411 flashes once

I then Release the programming button when the LED is RED.

I ‘Insert one functional key into the ignition barrel.”

The RED LED flashes rapidly 10x times.

Now I remove the key and then insert it again for the steps in GUIDE # 68771

I “Turn the Ignition ON.”

With the valet switch I “Press and hold the valet switch until the parking lights turn ON, the horn/ siren will chirp.

There is no response from the parking lights or horn/ siren regardless of how long I hold down the valet switch


asked May 28 in Toyota by James Lobato (180 points)

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With the key off, what is that red led doing? on, off or flashing?


with only the main power connected and the valet button connected, if you turn ignition on then press and hold the valet button, does the red led start to flash?

answered May 28 by Robb (207,240 points)
selected May 29 by Rico

I will try that but I'm not sure what you mean by

with only the main power connected

Are you refering to the 6 PIN connecter my T Harness is connected to?

main 6 pin harness with all the thick guage wires. 

The unit should be able to atleast enter programming with only that connector (and obviously the valet button although programming remotes can be done without). 

-- Turn ignition ON

-- Press and hold valet button

-- after about 5 seconds, the red led will start to flash rapidly. 


If the above works, then the unit is able to go into programming. So now plug in the 20-pin connector of the evo and try those 3 steps again. 


There are 2 main reasons the unit would never enter programming.

1- the unit is in an armed start. The red led is be blinking slowly. To take it out of armed state, you must enter valet mode (ignition, press and release the valet button 3 times). That red led will be completely off.

2- The unit is detecting a brake status. Black wire, pin A11. There should only be 12V on this input when the brake is pushed in. (ignition may need to be on to test the vehicles brake signal)


Unrelated but related. You dont need to consistly be programming the module to the car. Key programming and remote programming are two different things. Once the module is programmed to the car, it is not required to keep on reprogramming it. Simply follow the remote programming procedure afterwards. (the evo stays programmed to the car even when disconnected.)




Thanks for the help and effort trying to point me in the right direction. I tried what you suggested and realized the flashing red LED you referred to is the one next to the programming button and yellow Auto Trans wire. I was looking at the 3 multi-color LED on the face of the remote.image

  1. Yes there is a rapid blink when I hold valet for 5 secimage

  2. I understand remote programming vs key fob programming; my problem was always the latter.

  3. The guide says the single blue LED on my RM411 antenna should turn on; it doesn't light up.



I unplugged everything, checked all my wire taps/solder joints, set/saved recommended settings with flashlink software, and reassembled.

I continue with the installation and the blue LED on the antenna isn't responsive until I complete step 4.

The transmitter programs and I can now remote start!!!

>>>>>My problem now is that the following morning I try to remote start the car and it's unresponsive? I attempted to program the transmitter again and the antenna is unresponsive. Only after I perform the KEY BYPASS PROGRAMMING procedure am I able to program my transmitter again and get the remote start function to operate.

What's can be misleading is that the antenna led will not light up until the antenna is paired to the evo.


That programming procedure pairs the remotes to the antenna and simultaneously pairs the antenna to the evo. So in general, that led would only light up when programming additional remotes to the atenna.


The remote programming can be done on a test bench. No car needed. Not sure what's going on there. What's the evo-one service number? I just want to see if firmware 1.24 is in the remote starter side of the brain.


Maybe related, the antenna cable and connector, make sure there isnt a lot of stress on it.