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3x-lock-start no longer working after CrimeStopper RFall 642W Installation

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I have had the Standalone EVo-FORT1 with T-Harness instaleld for about a year or over and it works fine. I installed the crimestopper RF kit to increase range over the weekend. It was also successful, but I noticed that since I installed the RF kit, the OEM 3X lock start no longer works, while  I can only remote start on the Keyfob that came with the crimesopper. I am not sure what happened and why. 

Any help will be appreciated.
asked May 13 in Ford by Bola Adegbonmire (230 points)

1 Answer

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Please provide the 12 character service number on the bottom of the unit.
answered May 13 by Rico (52,090 points)
selected May 13 by Robb
Hello Rico,


I called support and provided the service unit number. It turned out that while installing the RF kit I upgraded the firmware of the service unit and it truned off some options. So D1.10 was turned off. turned it back on voila! It works again.


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